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VV Puram food street in 60 seconds

Among many food streets in the city, VV Puram culturally stands out. It is known to serve the traditional and authentic dishes of Bangalore, blended with a fusion of cuisines from other parts of the country. This is the go-to place if you wish to relish your childhood favorites or get a doze of the traditional taste of the city. You may be a sweet tooth or you may like it hot --- here’s something for everyone to feast on!

Smoke Wafers (liquid nitrogen wafers)

These smoky sizzles are dangerously delicious. Food trends have continued to evolve and astonish us. The secret ingredient that makes it special is liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen-infused icy essence topped with crunchy wafers.

Chiroti with Badam Milk

A famous delicacy Karnataka and Maharashtra, mostly served as a dessert. This is best relished with powdered sugar and milk.

Mosru Kodubale (curd rings)

One of the most relished treats in Karnataka. Spicy and crispy evening snack made with rice flour and yogurt.

Grilled Corn Salad

Here’s something healthy in the mix! This is your chance to satisfy your taste buds without guilt. Salad dressed with tangy flavours and juicy fruits is hard to say no to.

The Fire Paan

Here’s to ending things on a fiery note. Blazing fire on the outside and explosion of flavours on the inside. Traditional sweets and spices, nuts, fennel seeds, chuna, and Arabic rose gulkand, all rolled up in a beetle leaf. Additionally cloves are added in a fire paan that are set on fire.

You may feel full but at VV Puram, you sure won’t run out of places to eat.

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