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7 Things every Foodie should consider during a Lockdown

If you are a social foodie like me, you would be missing the street foods, trying out new restaurants in your locality, meeting new people over common tastes, or even crossing borders to relish cuisines from different parts of the world.

The situation of lock down and social distancing is surely challenging but who says you foodies still can’t make the most of it? You just have to get creative.

These simple ideas will really make the foodie in you happy, while maintaining social-distancing.

Ø Foodies beyond borders: This tough time is also a reminder for us, no matter the extreme diversities, a global disaster like this affects us all and we should support each other to get through with it. This is an opportunity for you to explore the online world and connect with like-tasted foodies. Maybe you get lucky and someone from Tokyo could tell you how to enjoy the authentic sushi.

Ø Host your own cooking show: Are you a great cook who love watching star chefs on TV? Maybe it’s time to reveal the star in you and have your own show. Start a youtube channel and show the world the magic that happens when you own the kitchen. Successful youtube channels can make you popular and also earn you some money. Following your passion and making money, while still following the protocols of a lockdown, what else could you possibly ask for.

Ø Upgrade your binge snack: When Netflix is giving you so much variety in entertainment, why limit yourself in snacks to chips and popcorn? You can prepare mouth-watering appetizers like nachos and salsa sauce or hot dogs, many of whose recipes take no longer than 30 minutes. This way you can spice up your binge sessions and also take an excuse to get off your bed or couch every now and then and not grow sluggish.

Ø Have a foodie group online: Get all your foodie friends together through an online group so you don’t miss out on any gossip. You could also have an online group cooking session which could get interesting if you are cooking a smoked sausage skillet for dinner and your cousin in the other part of the world is making cheesy breakfast sausage casserole.

Ø Create an interesting recipe: How many times have you thought of creating your own special, unusual recipe, or recreating your grandma’s traditional recipe, but then lazily gave up on it to go out to a restaurant. Are you still whining about the lockdown and shut restaurants? Now is the time to finally take things in your own hands and create that long lost recipe you’ve been wanting to. Maybe it’ll turn out special and make you proud.

Ø Spending quality time with family over great food: There is no better place to get your family together than the dining table. When was the last time all the members of your family enjoyed a nice meal together? We’re all so busy with work and our own priorities and mostly end up being lonely eaters. But now you have no place to run. You’ll be surprised that a 20-minute dinner conversation with your kids every night can help you understand them much better.

Ø Share with the one in need: We have been so far focusing on all things we have to sacrifice but it is sad to realize that it is nothing compared to people who have been sacrificing basic meal due to unemployment and lack of resources. You don’t have to go out of your way and donate lump sum money to NGOs and government funds to help society. Just cooking some extra for your poor maid or security guard, or checking on your old neighbors next door who are too weak to cook, or donating nutritional supplements to poor children, can all go long way to strengthen our society to fight any challenge that come our way.

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