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An-all veg Iconic Christmas meal at The Pump House, Liverpool

There is nothing more festive than having a traditional meal with loved ones. tThis Holiday season, in the spirit of taking the iconic dinner outdoors, the Pump House in Liverpool offers an exquisite meal plan to grant your Christmas wish.

The exceptionally admirable Holiday decoration of the restaurant's indoors automatically cheers one up as they walk in. It is also a three-storied place that is spacious to give a sense of privacy to a group without causing any distraction or disturbance. The staff is extremely friendly and welcoming, making one feel at home. Each table is decorated with Christmas-themed centrepieces and table runners.

Vegetarians also do not need to fret as they also offer an option of all-veg meal.

Starter - Maple-flavoured root vegetable soup

This exuberant vegetable soup with a sweet touch of maple and cilantro dressing is perfect to warm-up your freezing winter nights.

Main-Course - Beetroot Butternut Squash & Cranberry Wellington

Irresistible puffed pastry puffed with distinctive combination of beetroot, butternut squash, and cranberries sided with tangy curry sauce and healthy veggies.

Dessert - Christmas Pudding with brandy(or rum) sauce

To end things on a deliciously sweet note, this thick enriched plum cake cake is to die for! This satisfies all your sweet cravings and the indulgence of dark rum or brandy keeps you warm. It is best suited with custard sauce.

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