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Delicious Recipes with Lockdown leftovers

The global lockdown situation is getting to all of us, but we should remain safe and responsible, while we make the best of the Pandering.

It is not unnatural to crave for lip-smacking recipes when you are forced under house arrest, but wondering how you’ll manage that with shut restaurants, limited ingredients, and lack of sufficient supplies?

Well, time to re-consider the leftovers lying around as you create delicious recipes out of them. Also, during the times like these, it is judicious not to waste any food items or consume excess just to feed our taste buds, at the cost of depriving resource from others.

This article takes you through 6 innovative recipes with leftover ingredients.

Panzanella - How about a salad with leftover bread? Chop the bread into medium cubes and put them in the oven until they are dry and golden. Mix with the vegetables you have at home, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onion. Then, make a paste of capers, garlic, and anchovies to mix with the vegetables and the processed bread. Finally, garnish your salad with olive oil and basil to enjoy its soothing taste.

Soup - soups are everyone’s favorites, not only because of their texture and fusion of flavors but because they are perfect for taking advantage of leftovers. As a basis, you can use your leftover chicken or other meat you have and add other vegetables in it. You can cook it like that, or you can make cream soup by grinding all the ingredients in a blender. Thus, you are ready with your creamy soup with a numerous amount of vegetables squeezed into it. Moreover, don't forget about the spices!

Five-minute Pizza­ - First, you have to prepare the dough. For that, you need 50 gm sour cream, 130 gm flour, and 2 eggs with the addition of 0.5 tbsp soda slaked with vinegar. Pour the batter into a greased frying pan, sprinkle with meat leftovers, chopped olives, and grated cheese. Then, cover the pan with a lid and simmer pizza on low heat for 20 minutes. This dish is indispensable when you need to feed your family quickly.

Puree or creams - Are you left with vegetables and steamed vegetables you prepared for dinner? Of that pot of legumes, is there one bowl left? Well, then, don't waste them! Store it in the fridge and make it a very smooth puree or better yet, add milk cream to the vegetables and turn them into a tender cream that everyone will want to try. It will only take ten minutes or less than that to do it!

Chocolate soufflé - When you are with a heap of chocolate leftover from Easter, then what to do with them? Well, you can make soufflé as a snack. In addition to chocolate, you will need the following ingredients: butter, milk, cornstarch, sugar, eggs, and powdered sugar. Just be sure to eat as soon as you remove it from the oven, because after a few minutes the soufflé wilts.

Aspic - Often, after cooking the broth, you are left with some vegetables. They are easy to turn into vitamin aspic. Boil a mixture of 200 ml of water and 300 ml of vegetable broth, put salt and spices to taste. After cooking slightly, dissolve 10gm of gelatin soaked in water into it. Then, add some boiled carrots, cabbage, and potatoes in silicone forms. And, for richness, add peas, corn, and pickles. Pour the assorted vegetables into the broth and allow for solidifying it completely. If a little boiled meat is left behind from the broth, then you can safely add it to the aspic.

Of course, this is not the limit. Having shown imagination, you can come up with your own new recipes. Perhaps they will even turn out be the most beloved in your family.

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