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Elif - the Turkish paradise of Liverpool

Food is at the heart of every city and Liverpool has its choices of menu to accomodate every foodie. European delicacies are without a doubt appetising and full of flavour. But if you are anything like me, you would be craving for something more hot and tangy. That is how I ended up at a Turkish restaurant, 'Elif' in Bold St, Liverpool.

Fun fact - European cuisines have Turkish ancestors

Turkish cuisine is largely the heritage of Ottoman cuisine. They take pride in their art of marination and known for variety in herbs and spices. After reading a few reviews and doing some scrolling on Instagram, I decided to try my luck at Elif, which turned out to be one of the good bets. The place had a welcoming vibe and was enriched with artistic decor and vibrant lighting. Highly suitable to dine with family and friends. The staff was very friendly, responsive, and could also say a little chatty. Our attender was from Turkey himself, so we got an opportunity to get to know a little about the culture, which was the cherry on top. The service was quite slow but completely justified by the quality of food.

Izgara Çipura is an iconic fish cuisine, widely found in Aegean Sea. The fish is seasoned inside out with salt and pepper and stuffed with sprigs of thyme and rosemary. Marinated with fresh flavours of garlic and parsley. Chef's recommended accompaniments are Turkish rice, grilled vegetables, and chicken salad.

The Circassian Chicken Salad was a classic mayo-free chicken salad with creamy walnut sauce, paprika, garlic, parsley, and more Turkish rice.

All in all, had an overall best evening at the restaurant and they sent us off on a sweet note with their signature Turkish delight.

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