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The Enchanting Firework Cocktail for the 4th of July

Every party, big or small, craves for a dash of drama and this Firework Cocktail is here to cheer things up.


  • Avua Cachaça – ¾ ounce

  • Santa Teresa 1796 rum – ¾ ounce

  • Ancho Reyes ancho chili liqueur – ½ ounce

  • Cold-brew coffee – ¾ ounce

  • Orgeat – ¾ ounce

  • Salt – 3/8 teaspoon

  • Pimento bitters – 1 dash

  • Cinnamon sticks – 2 sticks

  • Food colors – red, blue, white


  • In a mixing glass combine the following ingredients:- Avua Cachaça, Santa Teresa 1796 rum, Ancho Reyes ancho chili liqueur, cold-brew coffee, orgeat, salt, pimento bitters.

  • Pour the aforementioned mixture into a glass mug filled with ice.

  • Add the red, blue, white food colors to give it a festive look.

  • Use a blowtorch to toast the cinnamon sticks lightly.

  • If the cinnamon sticks ignite, extinguish them immediately.

While the drink is an exciting mix, it is important to exercise caution. Ensure that you have the means to control the situation if things go south with your experiment. To make the recipe safer, you can toast the cinnamon before adding it to the drink to bring in the flavours with caution.

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