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Foodie stuck in a Lockdown

What does preparing for a lockdown mean? To set up arrangements to work from home, to make sure you are well equipped with network so you don’t lose touch with your family and friends. But most importantly, it means to plan a healthy diet chart and stock up the necessary groceries.

In a situation like this, it is natural to crave unhealthy junk food to cheer yourself up but poor health choices could only weaken your immune system. To safeguard yourself from the pandemic, eating healthy should be priority. Secondly, stocking up does not mean panic buying regardless of the need and emptying the store shelves. Evaluate your family size and pull out the right estimate of the quantities required to get you through this time.

Next right step is choosing a nutritious grocery list. A healthy list should include a variety of citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables. It is safe to stock up on wheat, rice, pasta, noodles, based on your choice for a week or two as they don’t go bad easily. Other essentials are grains, millets, nuts and dry fruits to munch on and essential spices to satisfy your taste. Dairy items like milk and buttermilk are daily needs but also perishable so it is important to make supply arrangements for alternate days. Some other extras to count on could be bread, biscuits, ready-made foods for quick eats. Also, juices, aerated drinks and liquids to keep you hydrated during the approaching summer.

During a pandemic like this, it is not only ourselves we should think about but also about our community and help out in every way possible way by donating essential food ingredients to children and the poor who are in need. However tough the situation could get, it is all on us as to how well we handle it by making an optimized use of resources.

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