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Greggs - the crown jewel bakery of Britain

Greggs is the most popular baked goods destination preferred by all demographics in the Southern UK. Their uniquely crafted pizzas and sausage rolls are to die for. As a recent resident of Liverpool, I find myself at Greggs every other day grabbing a puffed pasty and coffee on my way to the university. I couldn't help but notice a few nuances that made this retailer stand out from its competitors.

It is said to be one of the oldest baked retailers founded in 1939 and it is a self-manufacturer. The company produces a minimal variety of products, yet has managed to retain its popularity over the years. It is ironical that the company has consistently updated itself to match the trend like adding vegan options to attract the younger population who believe in sustainable consumption. At the same time, it is lead by its traditional practices. The company has not made an attempt to create an experiential ambiance like some of its competitors, Pret a Manger. To this day, it has managed to keep its customers on their toes and identifies itself as a food-on-the-go joint.

One of its admirable traits is its loyalty to its customers. Greggs only work with suppliers who source their goods from farms accredited with good agricultural practices. Through quality products, friendly service and student-friendly prices, Greggs has stayed at the top of its game, found at every corner, university campuses, petrol stations, and supermarkets.

Greggs may not have expanded geographically, but has grown its roots deep enough to identify itself to the core of British culture and sentiment.

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