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Time for these hot dog toppings from the 90s to make a comeback

Whether it is hosting a hot dog eating contest or building a hot dog bar, keep things hot at the hot dog station this fourth of July.

4 game-changer toppings to choose from -

  • Tomatoes, Onion, & Pickles

Chicago sure knows how to modify their hot dogs into exciting and flavourful sandwiches that are also healthy. To prepare the Chicago hot dog, you will need pickles, wedged tomatoes, and chopped onions. These hot dogs are prepared with poppy seed buns. You can enhance the flavours further by adding mustard and celery salt before serving. While traditionally, the Chicago-styled hot dog is boiled, you can grill your franks if you prefer it that way.

  • Avocado & Salsa

Fancy a Mexican touch to an American snack? This fusion of flavours works to your advantage with an avocado and salsa topping for your hot dog. If you want to make it slightly spicier and stimulating, you can prepare homemade guacamole and salsa. Here’s how:-

Salsa: For fresh homemade salsa, combine the following ingredients - finely chopped tomatoes, cilantro jalapeños, onions, and garlic. To this, add lime, chilli powder, cumin, sugar, salt, and pepper.

Guacamole: Depending on your preference, you can make guacamole smooth or chunky. Combine peeled and mashed avocados with lime, salt, diced onion, cilantro, tomatoes, garlic, and cayenne pepper.

These delicious sauces promise a blend of piquant flavours that engage the senses of anyone enjoying your hot dogs.

  • Onion rings & BBQ sauce

You can transform any sandwich into a gourmet one with onion rings. Be it burgers or hot dogs, onion rings are a staple to give it a crunchy twist. When you drizzle it with some tangy BBQ sauce, you are ensuring a new win for hot dog toppings. What’s more, onion rings are easy to prepare. All you have to do:-

Separate the onion slices into rings.

Prepare a mixture of all-purpose flour, baking powder, and salt. Whisk egg and milk into this mixture,

Set aside a plate of bread crumbs.

Coat the onions in the flour, then with the bread crumbs before frying them until they are golden brown.

  • French fries & cheese

The combination of cheese with fries was a rage soon as it was discovered. Why not admire its taste with some delicious hot dogs? This way, you will be able to turn your beloved appetizer into a meal. You can buy frozen fries from your nearest store to ease the preparation. Simply deep fry the French fries and add them to your hot dog. Before serving, top it with some creamy cheese to make your guests happy.

Although hot dogs are always enjoyable, especially for summer barbeques in the backyard, it is the toppings that can truly be the show-stopper.

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