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Indoor Barbecue - Enjoy the grilled's' within your grills!

One of the things you tend to enjoy the most during Summers are barbecues. Enjoying a lovely day in the sun with family has got to be on top of your summer bucket list. What’s more, grilled food has always been one of the greatest temptations of people.

However, this year, the unfortunate turn of events and the lockdown has restricted the opportunity of stepping out of your homes to head out to parks and open-air places. Those who live in independent houses with a backyard can still keep the barbecue spirits high but what about the people who live in apartments and studios in the city? Should they cancel their barbecue plans this year? Certainly not!

So, this article tells you how you can organize your barbecue evenings inside your home, at the comfort of the table, in a very different climate with your family.

Barbecue in the apartment

You no longer need to wait for the weekend to arrive to go to the farm, gather friends, and light the fire. Yes, it is possible to have a tasty barbecue indoors, even if you live in an apartment. And the best: without making a lot of dirt or smoke.

To make an indoor barbecue, there are varieties of options available today. Let’s check in detail.

The griddle – It comes with a plate heated to high temperature, gas, or electricity. This device is available in cast iron, steel, glass-ceramic, or aluminium. Moreover, it offers healthy, fat-free cooking for all types of food.

The Pierrade This consists of a flat length stone or grill stone, composed of a baking stone fixed on a support. This appliance gets heated by electricity or using burners and offers quick cooking. The Pierrade eliminates fatty substances from food, thus allowing conserving nutrients for a dietetic meal. It is suitable for cooking meat and also vegetables and fish.

The electric barbecue – The electric barbecue comes with or without feet. Equipped with a grid and electrical resistances, the device is also much simple to use. It offers very rapid cooking of food and allows tasty meals in just a few minutes. And, its maintenance is simple because it is generally compatible with the dishwasher.

In addition to this, the secret of a good indoor barbecue consists of a good selection of meat, fish, vegetable, and also the seasoning, of course, during the preparation.

So, without an electric grill or fireplace, how do you do it?

Grill pan - The alternative that you can consider is to use a cast-iron frying pan or grill. Just take care to open your kitchen window beforehand to avoid triggering the smoke detector. Be careful to use a frying pan of a size suitable for your meats. If it is too large, the heat will not be distributed properly, and cooking will irreparably suffer. And, when you’re done with it, turn off the heat and let the meat relax for 5 minutes under a sheet of aluminium foil.

Determine your needs

A good place - Whatever be the model of your house, to barbecue indoors choose a suitable space. Near a window or an air vent like the hood, you will have an easier time cooking, thus preventing unpleasant odors from entering your home.

The Coal – A very important detail of your planning when having a barbecue is the time to light the charcoal. To grill the meats, it takes at least one hour to contact with the fire. When the charcoal becomes white - or light grey - it is a sign that the ember is ready to receive the meat. Don't forget that after that, your meat may take another hour to reach the ideal consumption point.

Buy varied food - Don't just barbecue meat, vegetables and fish are also a good idea. A large amount of food, exclusively meat, can cause embarrassment of the guests. So if you combine the chorizos and black pudding with grilled aubergines and sardines, diners will surely appreciate it.

Concluding Remarks

Finally, just because the meal is not taking place in the garden, you necessarily put the small dishes in the big ones and find yourselves all sitting around the table. Instead, invest the coffee table, the stools, and the cushions on the floor. Children might get delighted with this improvised picnic in the living room.

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