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Last-minute gift ideas for a memorable Father's Day - 2021

A father’s shy approach to love is often misread. When compared to the expressive affections of a mother, the general opinion is that a father’s love fades in comparison. To change this unsettling and conservative definition of love, the world celebrates Father’s Day.

As we are closing into that time of the year again, here are some last-minute gift ideas to pamper your father on his special day:-

  • Pocket Diary for an organised diet plan

Not just a regular pocket diary, but one where your dad can note his dietary intake. It is not uncommon to hear of health concerns because nutrition is often neglected in meals. Most commonly, fathers are notorious when it comes to dismissing their health. This Father’s Day you can encourage your dad to re-look at his lifestyle and gift him a pocket diary that would help him record his meals.

  • Flavoured Salts

Yes, you read that right! Even salt has its gourmet version. This flavour-infused salt set is ideal for foodies. It can be paid with savoury snacks, enhance the flavours of fruity desserts, refine the taste of modestly garnished meats, enjoyed with something as simple as bread and cheese, salads, and a lot more. The best part? It is great for the experimental father who is unhesitant in the kitchen.

  • Stacked Herb Garden

If you are looking to gift something out of the ordinary, then you can conclude your search here. A stacked herb garden is as exotic as it is efficient. Everything right from edible flowers to fresh herbs can be potted in this stacked garden. This is especially a pleasure if you are constrained for space. You can plant mint, dill, basil, rosemary, and countless other assortments of plants. This gift will appeal to both the gardener as well as the chef side of your father.

  • Wooden Chopping Board

If your father is the kind who enjoys cooking, you can assist him in the kitchen to spend quality time together. To make this endeavour fun, you can gift him a wooden chopping board with a personalised message carved onto it. This thoughtful gift idea is sure to become a hit with a foodie father. They say that the right kitchen equipment can even transform mundane cooking into an exciting endeavour.

  • Scotch Glass

There is a charm with timeless classics and scotch glasses are always a win in a moment of doubt. The malty drink that graces every make-shift home bar is often poured in a humble glass making connoisseurs wince. The unique flavours of the drink enhance further when poured in a deftly crafted scotch glass. If the idea of a plain glass does not sit well with you, you can personalise your gift to let your father know he is special to you. This gift will always retain its royalty so that your dad can enjoy a cold one on the rocks – with style.

  • Coasters

Whether you are at home or in the office, whether your beverage is hot or cold, coasters can come in handy. Not only do they prevent stains on desks, but coasters could also be used to cover drinks if they are left unattended for a while. Bonus points if they go with the décor. Coasters could also be paired with a chic tea set if your father enjoys his chai time.

  • Three-Course Meal

There is a misconception that three-course meals are too elaborate for a simple kitchen. Contrarily, you can even make a quick-fix meal that does not discount on taste. Here’s how:-

Starters: You can kick off the treat for your father with a healthy yet flavourful salad that combines refreshing cucumbers, citrusy fruits, a distinctively crunchy red bell pepper, fresh basil, olive oil, lime, salt, and sunflower seeds.

Entrée: The salad can be followed by a creamy mushroom soup entrée. Paired with breadsticks.

Main course: Satiate your father’s hunger with a flavourful pasta that is both easy to prepare and is filling. A red sauce pasta can be prepared with juicy and tangy tomatoes and parmesan cheese.

  • Indulgent Dessert

Desserts are the crowning jewel of any meal. Home-made brownies, cookies, and chocolates are amongst the most loved, popular dessert choices. If your father has a sweet tooth, nothing is better than pampering him with his favourite dessert to cheer him on his day.

Fathers are the unsung heroes in a family and so this day is celebrated to honour fatherhood and strengthen paternal bonds. This Father’s Day shower your dad with affection with these unique gifts to let him know he is special and loved.

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