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Vitamin C Meal Plan - An Immunity Game Changer

As the pandemic situation intensifies, maintaining a good diet helps in fighting Covid-19. One of the most effective ways to strengthen the immune system is to pay attention to nutrition. So, the first rule is to intake a healthy, balanced diet rich with vitamin c foods.

However, taking vitamin c foods in the diet is not only limited to citrus fruits, but also it is present in other fruits and vegetables such as kiwis, spinach, potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, and peppers. So, here we bring you some recipes that incorporate vitamin C into your diet and will give you a different taste to your taste buds during this quarantine.

Let’s go ahead and discover our best vitamin c food recipes!

Stuffed red peppers – Many of us might not be aware that this vegetable contains three times more vitamin C than oranges! Peppers are rich in ascorbic acid, and red peppers contain the most of it. Its consumption provides 140 milligrams of vitamin C for every 100 grams. To prepare this, just cut the peppers in half and remove the seeds. Sprinkle it with little oil and salt. And, for the stuffing, mix some drained raisins, garlic, chopped anchovies, diced and seedless tomatoes, olives, breadcrumbs, oil, salt, and pepper in a bowl. Stir fry in a skillet until all items are ready. Then, sprinkle it with chopped parsley and serve. This recipe is the powerhouse of vitamin c and acts as a great immune booster.

Strawberry Juice - It is one of the simplest recipes, but full of vitamin C, which helps to optimize the functioning of the body and the body's immune system, fighting diseases and infections. To prepare this, take 2 cups of strawberry, 300 ml of water, and honey to sweeten this vitamin c fruit juice. Just add everything in the blender and mix well - if you like, you can include 2 or 3 ice cubes.

Lemon and bean ginger broth – Here is a broth that lacks neither flavor nor vitamin C to boost your immunity level. It is one of the best vitamin C food recipes. For this, thanks to the lemon zest, beans, and garlic. And, those who fear the acidity, be rest assured that honey comes to soften this broth. To start the recipe – Peel the potato, wash the zucchini, and dice everything. Add to the casserole dish, leave to cook for a few moments, and then add spring water to cover the vegetables. Grate the fresh ginger and lemon zest, and mix it to the sprigs of fresh thyme, salt, and honey. Cover and simmer for 20 to 25 minutes over low heat. At the end of cooking when the vegetables are tender, add the beans, rinsed and drained, cover again and leave to heat for 5 minutes.

Spinach and white bean Omelette – Spinach is rich in vitamin C and also contains many antioxidants, which can increase your immune system's ability to fight infections. Spinach is healthier when cooked as little as possible to retain its nutrients. To start this, the first thing you need to do is boil the spinach and beans for 10 minutes. Once the beans and spinach are ready, beat the eggs by adding both ingredients to the mixture. Sprinkle some salt and add a pinch of pepper to emphasize the flavor. Add a little oil in a pan, and when it's hot, pour the mixture. Let it get a cook on one side and then turn the tortilla so that it is done on the other. And here it is ready to serve within 15 minutes!

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