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Old-School Goan & Portuguese Cuisine at Viva Panjim

Goa is the go-to gourmet's bliss with tempting seafood, garnished with inebriating ingredients and spices that makes it so unique and authentic. Viva Panjim in Panjim, Goa is known to be an ethnic Goan family restaurant that welcomes you to relish in your choice of appetising Goan and seafood specialties indulged with traditional Goan hospitality. The restaurant takes pride in the fact that many of their recipes go way back in heritage, passed on by grandma herself.

We started our authentic meal with a sizzling drink, Goan Rumba, which was both sweet and blissfully intoxicating.

The main item on our menu was the Pomfret rava-fry fish, hot from the pan. It was served with fresh veggies and crispy fries. This delicious cuisine is made from silver Pomfret. This was one of their house specials.

For the ones not preferring seafood, their chicken pulao is also a must-try. Fresh marinated chicken indulged in long, aromatic rice, served with gravy-based vegetables.

To end things on a sweet note, we went with Bebinca for the dessert. It is a traditional Goan specialty, derived from the Indo-Portugese cuisine. It is a 7-16 layer sweet made out of coconut milk, flour, ghee, egg yolk, and sugar.

All in all, Viva Panjim certainly provides a rounded experience to customers, located in the heart of Panjim. The restaurant has also won numerous reputed food awards, which does justice to the quality of food served.

Pictures taken by - Jyothi Subbanna

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