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What your Food choices say about You?

Did you know that the foodie in you speaks a lot about your nature and personality? A study states that the kind of food you enjoy points to the type of person you are. Seems strange? But it’s true. All the choices you make in life are a reflection of who you are and the food choices are the purest and the most basic to understand one’s personality.

These below food tastes shows the respective personality trait.

Ø You like ‘em hot: Are you a person who likes hot sauce in every food? The meal is dull and boring without the peppers? This food personality reflects on your bold, nature. You are mostly straight-forward and don’t hesitate be blunt when you have to. You are often appreciated for your honesty and directness.

Ø Sweet-n-Sour is your thing: A study says that people prefer sweet foods when they are in a happy and light mood and sour foods to handle tense and sad vibes. If you are someone who likes a combination of both, it means you know how to balance your life well.

Ø Foodie the Explorer: You like trying new recipes, you are always the first in line to check out new restaurants, and most of your travel plans also include trying different cuisines from different parts of the world. This tells you are a person who likes adventure, possess a broad mind, and you are open to different experiences.

Ø If Pizza is your go-to food: Pizza is bae and you don’t mind surviving just on that? This shows you are an easy-going person who likes to lead a life of simplicity. You are also a very social person and people around you always tend to enjoy your company.

Ø High on sugar: You are a sweet-tooth who can’t get through the week without a loaded Sunday. Your meal is incomplete without a dessert and your bag is often always stocked up with candies. You are often a caring, kind, and forgiving kind of person.

Ø Calories bother you: You are disciplined about your diet and govern every intake of calories. You can’t tolerate too much sugar and often find yourself on different keto and gluten-free diet plans. This reflects on your inner strength and serious attitude towards life. You are often independent, not easily affected or distracted by others. You live life on your own terms.

Did not match with any of the above food choice? Tell us about your taste and we will shed light on the reflecting personality.

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