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Strangest Foods around the World

Humans are known to have one of the widest range of food fetishes, either based on availability or fantasy. Have a quick sneak peek into some of the strangest and the weirdest foods around the world.

Century Egg - China

A Chinese delicacy that looks like a dragon’s egg straight from a fantasy tale, this is nothing but preserved chicken or duck eggs. Coated in a mixture of ash, clay, quicklime, and salt, the eggs are left for several days to months that turns the yolk green and the egg white into an amber shade, wafting with strong ammonia and hydrogen sulphide smell. This is known to be in practice for more than 600 years.

Fried Spider - Cambodia

When the very mention of the name ‘Tarantula’ sends shivers down the spine for the rest of the World, it is a fried street food in Cambodia. It is believed that during the rule of Khmer Rouge, people ate spiders in desperation due to severe food shortages.

Activated Charcoal Ice-cream - United States

The pitch-black coloured ice-cream became a fad in recent times claiming to detox the body due to the presence of activated charcoal. But nutritionists and diet experts warn not to overeat it, as charcoal is known to absorb other essential nutrients from the digestive tract leading to malnutrition.

Southern-fried Rattlesnake - United States

Rattlesnake, a venomous snake species has found its way to the plates of native Americans and is now a common delicacy in many parts of the United States. It is said to have a close resemblance to chicken meat in taste and is eaten deep-fried in a batter of cornflour seasoned with salt and herbs.

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