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What does your Zodiac Sign say about your Taste in Food?


You are always on your toes and cannot resist a delay in your routine. Fast foods and healthy no-cook foods like nuts and seeds are your secrets for a right balance.


You never settle for anything mediocre. You choose luxury restaurants for gourmet food rather than choosing a quick fix meal to express your unique individuality.


You are usually picky in what you eat. You tend to choose light foods that are also decadent like dark chocolate, rather than an elaborate meal.


Being an emotional eater, you would always prefer a home-cooked, comfort food that satisfies your cravings. Psst...a simple bowl of Mac and Cheese or Grandma’s Lasagna would just win your heart.


Just like the royal lion, you go for a full course meal with a beverage and a dessert. Rich foods with earthy flavours, cooked over charcoal or barbeque sets you relishing.


You are the one to follow strict rules in life and that extends to your food habits as well. You prefer clean, healthy foods and try out new cuisines only if they have a visual appeal.


You have a flexible taste in food and are always open to trying out new cuisines. Sometimes, you are indecisive about what food to order.


You are quite difficult to impress when it comes to food and prefer strong flavours. Anyone looking to put a smile on a Scorpio, try cooking their favourite, delicious home-cooked meal.


Your optimism reflects in your food choices as you are ready to try new cuisines. These traits make you the best partner when planning to go out on a food tasting event.


You need the best food experience for the money you spend on it. Comfort foods are your preferred choice over expensive fancy meals.


As an Aquarian, you love your food to be creative and innovative. You love indulging in an elaborate buffet with variety.


You enjoy a dreamy dining experience and have a big appetite for all kinds of seafood.

You give importance to your ambiance as much as the food.

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